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Travertine Design – 1st Place

Competition task: Unique use of Raciszyn travertine in interior projects or in architecture.

Project description: Main task of our project was to show that travertine can be used not only in a classic or glamour style interior, but it can be modern and unusual finishing material as well. What is more, we combined these two styles together. This way the interior becomes multi-functional, more flexible, so more atractive and useful to a client.

Because we love lighting design and the effect that light can have on architecture, we implemented light to the 3D structure of the stone. We used travertine filled with pigmented resin. Special element in this project was the pigment – a fluorescent powder. In that way, the travetine wall can look completly different depending on the light type.

In a traditional natural or artificial light, pigment is invisible, so we can admire natural beauty of the stone. This is the perfect finishing for elegant interiors and day events. It suits perfectly restaurants or lounge areas in a hotel. However when the ultraviolet light, which is hidden behind the blocks of travertine, is on, the wall starts to shine. This amazing effect can be mixed with colorful lighting to create an unique nightclub atmosphere.